"In 'Michael and Me', Shana shares her most intimate experiences and memories, revealing another side of a man- a caring, ingenious, troubled soul, so many have loved and so few have understood. After reading, you'll feel as though you knew him personally."
Hana Yasmeen Ali
Author of "The Soul of a Butterfly

Shana's recollection of her relationship with Michael Jackson was a thorough, honest and, at times, heartbreaking read. MJ is portrayed as an imperfect person, who is fundamentally good and longs for some degree of normalcy, but ultimately is undone by predatory associates and his own demons. Shana clearly still has great love and affection for Michael and this is a respectful portrayal. If you want a glimpse into MJ offstage and can accept that he was a person and not some otherwordly creature exempt from human flaws, I recommend this book.

Josephine Zhony
Entertainment/Lifestyle Publicist

"I met Shana on one of Michael's projects—"Ghosts". I witnessed the attraction between her and Michael and teased them both relentlessly about their obvious crushes on each other. Michael and I had many private chats about Shana and it was clear he had deep feelings for her. 
Shana knew a side of Michael that he kept closely guarded. I am so happy she is finally ready to tell her story."
—Scott “House” Shaffer 
Personal Assistant to Michael Jackson

It was a rough week but this book "Michael and Me" by Shana Mangatal got me through it!! When I tell you it's Juicy and a MUST READ! And the tea is served Hot! Find out a little more about MJ & their relationship.

Avonte Wright
​Star of VH1's Tough Love Miami

"Shana was there...and only she could 
tell this story, which shows a very different side of Michael Jackson the world has never seen-until now. Her eye-opening book provides a complex, nuanced portrayal of the pop icon that will surprise you - and change your mind."

Gregg Mitchell
Manager, Gallin-Morey Associates

"I knew Shana during the time she was with Michael. I knew all along they had something going on. She was deeply in love with him. This book is sure to be a must-read."
Shaquille O'Neal
NBA Legend and Hall of Famer,
Featured on Michael Jackson's "2Bad"

Good Reads review:
Cathy rated it

it was amazing
I have to say that I never expected to enjoy this book as much as I did. I thought it might be a tell-all by someone looking for fame and fortune on Michael Jackson's coat tails, but I never thought that at all while reading this book. It was a well-told story of their friendship over many years; it evolved briefly into something more, but it seems Shana was always there for MJ as a loyal friend right to the very end. The book is not salacious and seedy; she always treats the memory of Michael Jackson with respect and dignity. After reading this, I felt as if I had a glimpse into the every day life of MJ and all he had to go through just to try and live his life.
I would highly recommend this to all fans of Michael Jackson.

"My best memory of Michael is seeing him always hovering over Shana's desk in the reception area at our job, Gallin Morey, talking to her. One time, I went on a run, came back an hour later, and he was still there! Good times..."

Kenny Semer
​Gallin Morey Associates, 1991-1993

"I was able to read a Sneak Peek of the book. REAL TALK:  Even though the book is NOT a Tell-All, and it's totally respectful of MJ, I'm STILL blown away learning about MJ in a way that ..... put it this way: It was really cool to know how Mike was ALSO a 'regular dude' in some ways. REFRESHING TO LEARN!"
Darryll Phillips
Music Manager, Gallin Morey Associates