To my friends and guests...

Over the years, many of you have sent me heartfelt messages, asking questions about the man we all love....Michael Jackson. You asked what he was really like and what the true extent of our relationship was. I'm sorry if I didn't respond, but it was too painful to even think about those times— no matter how happy they made me then. 

​​​Sometimes we have to make sense of our past before we can move on with our future...

About a year ago, I finally gained the emotional strength to dig up my old diaries and read them. I cried as I turned every page. Memories that I had blocked out long ago came flooding back. Michael was so vivid on these pages. There were so many forgotten stories and magical moments. Stories I know Michael's fans need to hear. 

After deep contemplation, I decided to put all of my diaries together and create a book, "Michael and Me". It was a tough decision to finally reveal these memories of Michael that I've held so close to my heart all of these years, but I feel his fans and the world need to know who he truly was. I can't sit back and let his legacy continue to be marred by nasty allegations and untrue assumptions. 

This is not a "tell all" but rather a story that needs to be told. Michael deserves to be remembered as the man he actually was— not the image that continues to be misunderstood. This is a positive, yet honest portrayal of the man I will always love deeply. It is my hope that you will feel what I felt and see what I saw during my decades long ride with the King of Pop, as first a member of his management team during the creation of his groundbreaking albums, short films and tours for "Dangerous" and "HIStory" and also as a friend. Michael's power, kindness, love and humility were such a blessing to experience up close and I want everyone to discover all of the many  facets that made Michael so magical. 

In my book, I promise you'll see Michael through new eyes and discover a hidden side that will make you love and understand him even more. All of those questions you had will now be answered— once and for all. I've never been good at sugar coating things, so this is not a fluff piece. I was as honest, raw and detailed as I could be, while still maintaining the respect I have for Michael and his legacy. 

Michael always said that his fans were the true loves of his life and I wrote this book for you— his fans. I'm nervous to let you guys read all of my private memories...secrets I've never told anyone, but I hope to make you all proud! 

Your support means the world to me!